It’s raining today.
All day long.
A hard rain.
I suspect it will rain far into the night.

I like the rain.
I like how it cleanses the air and washes the earth.

It can be a bit messy and problematic at times.
And of course winter rains seem to quickly become things of misery and mud.

But I like the rain.
I particularly like it when it means a cozy day at home with a great cup of coffee and a good book at hand.

For me, rainy days are kind of like the Sabbath requirement in the Old Testament.
I like rainy days especially when they mean an opportunity to slow down, to relax, to recharge the batteries of life. I don’t often enough get to treat them that way, but, when I am afforded that little luxury, well, it is luxurious.

I like the rain.
I like rainy days.

These days, it seems I am always hurrying, scurrying, and fretting about. Trying to sell a house, getting a listing, or meeting a new potential client often leaves me feeling like an unrepentant snake oil salesman. I am not a natural hustler, but hustle I must!

Becki says I am a scholar–that’s kind of a family joke. But the truth is, I am never more comfortable working than when reading, researching, studying, or writing.

Some may read this with a bit of disbelief, but I am not an extrovert at heart. I have trained myself to act like one. In that process, I have learned how to be Mr. Personality in the pulpit and around the people I know best.

I can be excitable and full of passion and energy. I can be the cheerleader for a new effort or ministry, but when it is all said and done, I can’t wait to get back to my study.

My office.
My sanctuary of books and thinking and writing.

That’s the me I miss so much.

Don’t mistake what I am writing as coming from one with an ungrateful heart.
Whiny, maybe, but not ungrateful.
Not at all.
I am truly thankful for the new life and opportunity God, Becki, and Vicksburg have afforded me. And I am trying to both grab and give all the joy and living I can!

In the meantime, I am thankful for the rain and those stolen moments of just finding a bit of harmony and peace in a slower pace of life… If only for a moment…

I will be speaking this weekend at the Discover Rally.
Would love to see you there!

Les Ferguson, Jr.