Mississippi Blue Skies

Thursday’s storms have passed on by.

It is a beautiful Saturday on the mighty Mississippi river here in Vicksburg.

Forgive the following brag…

It looks like I may have several speaking gigs in the process of being lined up (yeah me!). The blog will most likely go over 62,000 page views in the next few hours or so. Email subscribers are at 310. Facebook page likes are at 577. And, it is quite possible I will be published in two national publications–online and print. But most importantly, I am thankful for all of you who have helped give me a voice again.

The future may not yet be bright enough that I have to wear shades, but the day is not yet over! I am eagerly looking forward to whatever comes next

How’s that for an optimistic outlook on life?

I look forward to the day when some of the struggle is a thing of the past.
Do I think I will still wrestle with God? You betcha! But truthfully, I think my give and take with God is more honest and life/ hope affirming than not engaging Him.

And being able to share your heartbreak, pain, and questioning of God gives great meaning to my life. Neither of us are alone…

In spite of the occasional storm clouds of anger, doubt, confusion, uncertainty, and fear, the sky is still blue. Sometimes you have to wait awhile for the blue to peek through, but peek through it will eventually do.

For my fellow strugglers who wrestle with the pain and hurt of this world…
For my fellow travelers who rage at the inadequacy of faith and additional pain from the hands of a platitude based Christianity…
For my fellow questioners who long for answers they may never have this side of eternity…
For my fellow limpers barely getting by in a world of sprinters and long distance runners, limp on…

Blue skies are just beyond the clouds.
If I can discern them, you will too one day!

(Somebody please remind me of this post when the skies are dark and gray as they sometimes will be for me and you)

Happy Saturday!
May your today and tomorrow be blessed!

Rock on,
Les Ferguson, Jr.