“Still Wrestling”

There are numerous ways to get the book in three different formats.

You can order through Amazon for both print and Kindle versions. Currently, Barnes & Noble is carrying Nook versions.

Lifeway has it in stores and online.

And it can be ordered from my publisher, Leafwood Publishers.

A signed copy of “Still Wrestling” can be ordered directly from me. The cost of the book is $14.99 plus $4.00 handling and shipping for a total of $18.99.

You can use this Pay Pal link: paypal.me/lesfergusonjr/18.99

Or you can use Venmo with the email address of lfergusonjr@gmail.com .

Or, you can send a check/money order. Please email me for instructions.

Whichever method you use, please send an email to tell me how you want your book signed.

Additionally, I have been privileged to write a chapter in another book, Surrendering to Hope. I have some copies available of this too!

Thanks for all your support! I will respond as quickly as possible!

Les Ferguson, Jr.