The Tango

A couple of months ago, my wife and I joined another couple for a one-time class to learn how to do the Tango. It was quite frankly awkward, embarrassing, and revealing. Since there was no skimpy attire involved, you should know the revelation was nothing more than what I have always known: I have no rhythm. 

Bless my poor wife, she is saddled with a husband who has the proverbial two left feet. 

But to my defense, I had never abused the dance floor before. At the age of none-of-your-business, that was my very first time to dance. Of course, that doesn’t count the times I attempted Tom Cruise’s moves from Risky Business in the privacy of my own living room—and even that was more about belting out the words to “Old Time Rock & Roll” by Bob Seger.  

I had never danced mainly because the theology of my youth said it was wrong. So, we didn’t dance. Not at the prom. Not at homecoming. It was a no sock hop life, and it really was no problem. Footloose was a great movie, but it sparked no rebellion in me. Dancing wasn’t then nor now my cup of tea. 

I have no regrets where not dancing is concerned—and none of this is meant to be critical of my upbringing. But while I didn’t dance, I loved a great party. When I was in High School there was often a bigger event when the Prom was over: the After Party! 

The After Party was where the celebration went when the formal aspect was over. This isn’t to condone what may or may not have happened at the After Party. In hindsight, the adults in my life probably should have been more worried about the after party than they were the dancing.

Be that as it may, where am I going with this? On Easter Sunday, Christians all over the world celebrated the Resurrection and it is most assuredly something to celebrate. As I said in my Easter sermon that day, the Resurrection of Jesus is the hinge point of history. With the resurrection, life was forever transformed with the hope and promise that this life is not the end of the story.

May I suggest it is time for an after party? Yes, is time to let the celebration of Easter continue by living lives transformed by all the goodness of God. I am reminded of what the Apostle Peter said, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” (1 Peter 1:3 CSB17)

Let’s celebrate and live a new life together!

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  1. Shyla says:

    This brought a smile of joy to me this morning. And I appreciated your Mother’s Day tribute, as well. I often dressed my first two in matching or similar outfits when they were little, as my mama did my sister and I. Both sets of siblings being born a year apart, it was adorable.
    Your story reminded me of a morning when I’d not double-checked them before dropping them off for school. Clearly, they’d put on one another’s overalls, as the one hinched up the older’s and the other hung low on the younger! Fond memories.


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