Merry Christmas!

This is the Mississippi Christmas weather I’ve been accustomed to for most of my life. It’s a balmy 71 degrees here in Paris as I write this Christmas Eve. 

Unfortunately, this is going to be a much different Christmas than planned.

Originally, Becki’s mom, my first father-in-law, all of our boys, our daughter-in-law, and the grandsons were all going to be here for presents and Christmas dinner. We were really looking forward to making memories as a family under one roof. 

But Covid. 

Yes, Covid has crept into our house. At this juncture, only Becki is positive and we hope it stays that way. If I continue to test negative, I’ll have the joy of preaching this Sunday. 

In the meantime it is Christmas. Presents are all wrapped and under the tree. Christmas candles are burning and we are looking forward to the best celebration we can have under the circumstances. 

And of course, we are not the only family facing changes because of the ongoing pandemic. Many families all over the world have already faced changes much more difficult. 

All of that to get to this point: as Christians, we are so very blessed! Having family is blessing—being family is a blessing. Having a church family—being a church family, that’s a blessing too of immeasurable worth. 

From that perspective, the gift of Christmas is the relationships we have with each other, the love we are blessed to share. 

When I say Merry Christmas, l’m so very thankful for each of you. 

Enjoy your family, celebrate the day, and relish the coming new year as we continue to share the blessings of life together. 

From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas!

Les & Becki