Happy Thanksgiving

As I write this it is early and quiet. I’m sitting in an empty old farmhouse outside of Vicksburg, MS drinking coffee and tending the fire. 

I’ve already brought up two arm loads of firewood from the back woodshed. It’s not that cold outside, but the brick floors and open air build of Becki’s childhood home keeps it cold inside. 

It is cloudy with rain on the way, but a little rain won’t stop what’s coming. 

It won’t be long until this old house is filled with children, grandchildren, and great children. Today will be the first time we get to meet Graham, Sophia, Lola, and Rosie—the newest additions to the extended family 

And we mustn’t forget those of us who are married in to this huge and sprawling ménage. There are quite a few of us too. 

Soon this old house will be filled with the sounds and smells of Thanksgiving. There will be turkey, ham, roast beef, and some venison too. If it goes like it always has in the past, there will be more side dishes than I can actually fit on my plate. 

Rest assured though, I will get my fair share of dressing/ stuffing. And of course, Becki has made my favorite dessert: Bread Pudding. I will hope with  great fervency there is some left over to take home and enjoy later tonight.  (After all, the Egg Bowl is played this evening—Hail State—and bread pudding will pair nicely with that.)

If my Ole Miss friends are still reading after the little blurb above, you should know that no game or team trumps family of any kind. 

The past two years have been difficult and long. But as I look at this empty house in anticipation of what will take place here today, I know that I am blessed beyond measure. 

Yes, there will be empty seats at the table. We cannot escape that fact. Some of us my share a tear or two, certainly a memory or three. But still, to be here (wherever here may be for you), is just one small indication of the blessings we share. 

We sing a song at church on occasion that tells us to “count your many blessings.” As I anticipate family today, as I think about those who will read this little note, I know just where to begin counting my blessings…

Happy Thanksgiving!


12 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. It has been awhile since hearing from you. When I saw your name in my inbox I was anxious to hear how you were counting your blessings on Thanksgiving morning. Through the trials you have written about, somehow a positive hope for the future shined through for me-a reader.

  2. I’m just a silent follower of your journey, living in a small town far away, in a small south Texas town. I have talked about you to many. Your faith, your strength, your heartache. You have often been part of my lessons as I talk to groups of women that are hurting. You have been in my prayers as I followed your journey since I heard about you at a soul winning workshop class in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You have inspired individuals that you will never know. I am so happy that you are spending your Thanksgiving with a home full of blessings. I thank God for answered prayers and I thank God for allowing me to see you and your loved ones come out on the other side of pain and still be standing. Thank you for sharing. It meant a lot to me to read this today. Happy Thanksgiving sir, to you and your loved ones. May your home always be filled with many blessings ❤️.

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