The Stuff of Life

It’s been like ten days.

Ten days since I did anything on this blog other than answer a few comments.

As much time and energy as I have put into this thing… At one point, being on the outside and looking in, you’d probably think the guy writing all this (me) didn’t have much of a life.

But I do.
I find myself busier than ever.

We are working hard in this rodeo they call real estate. Sometimes I feel more like the clown than I do the successful bull rider. But then again, it really doesn’t matter as long as I have the bull by the horns.

Yes, it’s a bad cliché. I have to own that one.

But truthfully? We are busy with the process of living. Instead of just reacting to life, we are grabbing the horns as hard as we can.

I want to live.
Not just exist.
I want to live.

So we work this real estate gig.
I write and seek places to speak and share.
Occasionally, I apply for a different kind of job.

But, we are busy.
In North Little Rock this Sunday.
The week after in Monroe, La.
Then the Tulsa workshop where I am blessed to speak three times.
And then the last Sunday of March we will be in Ridgeland, MS.

Did I mention I am writing? Yes! I wish I was working on book stuff, but I am staying busy trying to get lessons and sermons situated and done.

The book stuff will come–and it does in bits and spurts. The big deal with that situation is finding an editor who can work with me (translated: doesn’t cost an arm and a leg–I can afford a toe, but who’s counting?).

In the meantime, I want to live.
Not just exist.
I want to live.

My struggles with the difficulties of this world can be exacerbating at times–and that on a good day.

But, I want to live.
Not just exist.
I want to live.
And so, my focus can’t be on all the stuff and things that tend take up our time and attention.
Sure, some of it can be important and may have a needed bearing on where we go and what we do.

But not life.
No sir.
No ma’am.

I want to live.
Not just exist.
I want to live.
And to do that, it is all about relationships.

God, my family, friends, neighbors, co-workers… And even the guy at the Tamale shop next door.

Relationships are the stuff of life.

I want to live.
Not just exist.
I want to live.

My relationships are all a work in progress.
But I am working.
Forgive the mini-sermon, but you should be working on your relationships too. You never know when the time to do so will be no more!

Thanks for being in a relationship with me–even if it is just through the words of this blog. You have blessed me greatly.

Les Ferguson, Jr.

6 thoughts on “The Stuff of Life

  1. Les, I haven’t seen your posts in a while and was missing them. You are such an encouragement to me and many. I pray that the passage of time makes things easier for you and yours. Most words that I want to say seem to fall short, but just know that I have prayed for you and your family and pray we all remain faithful and stay in the race. God bless you and yours. Sincerely, Dee Samford

  2. Thank you for putting your thoughts out here.
    I also want to live! I want victory, not forgiveness.
    Connecting with real people who are writing real thoughts, perceptions, hopes, dreams, and plans makes me feel more alive.

  3. Once again – an opportune post! I don’ t want to exist,either! I want to live! And on the very day I feel like I am treading on toffee, you come up trumps! Thank you!

  4. You write well. That you’re willing to work is in your favor. Many who want a position are not willing to work. The church I attend has been looking for months for a preacher. I’m not involved in their search. Finally, this next Lord’s Day a candidate will be with us. Perhaps he’ll be hired. Since I know and admire relatives of his, I figure I’ll like him. In case he isn’t hired, if the position is still to be filled, I hope you might consider applying to Blendville Christian Church in Joplin, Missouri. They want someone who will devote full time to the work, which doesn’t fit with your hopes and dreams. Church attendance has been running less than 150 for Sunday mornings, I’m told. I don’t get to attend on Sunday mornings since I help with chapel services at a Christian “village” here in town on Sunday mornings. The attendance on Sunday nights is about 30 usually, with teaching being done by qualified elders rather than a usual “church service.” It’s Bible study with group interaction. Same on Wednesday evenings but with youth meetings at the same time as the adult “classes.” The “class” I attend usually amounts to 10 or fewer members. We’re just now viewing videos about Creation Science which are very good. Earlier we recently studied through the chapters of Matt Proctor’s wonderful book on Revelation, “Victorious” published by College Press.

    They use musical instruments in Sunday assemblies, and few hymns, I’m told, and wouldn’t want anyone speaking against their preferences. I think most of us realize that things need to BE changed, but our ideas about what changes would be good likely are not all the same. This is a congregation which about twenty years ago numbered more than 600 and which has gradually dropped and dropped until the tornado destroyed “our” building two years ago and led to further losses of members due to the necessity of rebuilding, and many who had lived close to the building also were displaced and have found churches near their new location.

    Sermons about Jesus and His apostles and the church of the apostolic age would please them, I think. The church leaders are enthusiastic about the Restoration Movement, but may have differing ideas about it than you do. I surely like what you are writing.

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