Happy New Year (with extra salsa, please)

Happy New Year! (A Life Observation post, #2)

As I write this it is New Years Eve. Some of you will read this today. Or maybe tomorrow on the first day of the year. Or even some other day in the future. But when ever you read this, Happy New Year!

I don’t have the power to grant you what you might wish for. I can’t really do much of anything to make your dreams come true.

And if I were to be true to my selfish nature, I’d have to tell you that any power to grant those things would probably be spent on me.


Mr. Selfish.

That’s me.

Like you, I too have hopes and dreams.

As others might wish, I’d like to lose a little bit of weight. At the same time, I’d also like the ability in this new year to eat as much salsa and chips as my little heart desires (breakfast, lunch, supper, and a midnight snack).

Fat chance of that.

I could indulge in fantasy, but I won’t.

My hopes and dreams are not about winning the lottery and being filthy rich. I don’t fantasize about sports cars and new trucks. I don’t sit and daydream about indulgent beach or mountain vacations. The vast majority of what I could wish and hope for isn’t materialistic.

Yes, I dream of security and the freedom from worry and fear. But more importantly, my dreams are about relationships. People I love. Kids I want to protect. A wife I want to honor with every breath.

And the God I want to serve.

For me, Happy New Year means the ability and opportunity to do just that.

So happy new year to me. Happy New year to me in all the titles I wear. From husband to father to son and brother… from real estate agent to the job hunting wannabe preacher living inside of me… And if you have an ugly way of looking at me, some inappropriate name you want to call me, well, Happy New Year to that guy as well!

Yes, Happy New Year to me… and Happy New Year to you. I wish us both peace and the quiet assurance of God’s abiding presence.

Les Ferguson, Jr.

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