The Human Condition

I keep trying to find something positive to say.
I want something positive to say.
I desperately want to tell you that everything in my life is hunky dory perfect.

But I’d be lying.
I’d be lying and you would know it.

You’d know it not because you are a voyeur or a peeping Tom or a nosy rosy.
No, you’d know because you live life too.
As long as we are on this side of the long dirt nap, life is going to continue to happen.

Flat tires.
Dead batteries.
And brake jobs.
Those are all things that come with regular use of a car or truck.

And humans?

At the very least those of us who are fully human will experience allergies and sinus infections. We’ll get toothaches and sore throats. The mother of all zits will show up right before the biggest meeting of our lives.

Too many business lunches? Yes, our clothes will get to tight and buttons will pop off. In the mornings, alarms will fail to wake us. And waking up on the wrong side of the bed will occasionally bite us in the backside–and the backsides of those who love us the most.

Sometimes those momentary irritations cause us far more distress than they really truly warrant. But such is the human condition and further proof that life is often not quite as hunky dory as we might want.

I’d really like to tell you something positive, but I can’t… well, that’s not quite true. I can positively tell you that life’s little irritations are here to stay.

Life happens.
And happens.
And happens again.

Life is never going to be perfect.

Unfortunately, there are also times when you will face far worse than the kind of junk mentioned above.

At some point, you will come face-to-face with…
The kind of stuff that makes you question your resolve.
The kind of things that make you wonder if life is really worth living.
The kind of problems that will make you question what was previously unquestionable.

Been there; done that. Dread going there again even as I am still there in many respects. But, if life happens, as we know it does, one day there will be a fresh round of seemingly insurmountable heartaches and difficulties.

Like it or not, those days are coming.
For the first time or once again.
There is no long time immunity, at least on this side of the great divide.

My best advice for the human condition? Fix what you can while you can. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And what is not fixable at least by your hands? That’s when you need a faith to hang on to…

Here I am.
Hanging on sometimes by the smallest, but hanging on…
You can too!
Hang on!

Les Ferguson, Jr.

17 thoughts on “The Human Condition

  1. Honestly, you’ll never know how much I needed to read that tonight. Life is what it is……thorns,roses,despair and joy. Thanks

  2. Les, Thanks so much for sharing your heart and soul. I couldn’t begin to tell you the many times I was ready to give up on life, give up on God, give up on the idea that there was any good in this world. Weeks, months, and years dragged on in this dark abyss, and I know all-too-well that each of us dangles by a thread most days of our lives between living life and wanting not to live life because it’s just too hard and we’re too tired of trying to do it anymore. Sometimes it’s good to simply sit for a while and quit trying and allow our minds and bodies to rest. I’ve found that when I let go of everything, God steps in and takes over. It’s then that I can begin to see the light of hope again.

    Sit. Be quiet. Don’t even try. And watch and see what happens. Give yourself some time to replenish, refuel, and restore. I know all-too-well that the bills have to be paid, but hopefully somebody who has the means will read this and their heart will be pricked enough to take action and give you some help while you “let go and let God.” You’ve had a super-sized serving of hell on earth and it’s time to take care of “you”! You can’t serve others when you’re running on empty — and nobody should expect you to even try!

    “Rest for Les” — now do it and watch and see what happens when God takes over!

    Your friend, Clara

  3. Coincidence? I woke up this morning to Polish radio playing “Hang on Slooply” which I’ve neither heard nor thought about for 40 years. Now you are telling me to “Hang on”, so I guess I will. Yesterday was our son’s birthday (would have been 32 – he is forever 29). We lost him suddenly but peacefully a few months before your tragedy. Some days it is hard to hang on, but we are. Your messages are sometimes just what I need to hear. Thanks for today’s.

    • Molly, thank you. I was writing so much for me. The past three weeks have been some of the most difficult. Full of anguish and depression and wondering how we are going to make it, etc. There hasn’t been enough of my rope to even tie a knot but we are hanging on regardless. I am so sorry for your continuing pain. I am dreading a coming two year anniversary as well what would be Cole’s 24th birthday in November…

  4. Thank you for sharing your struggles. I’d say that, based on the amount of drug use, prescribed meds, etc. that there are a whole host of other people who feel fragile. Most are probably too weak to say it out loud. We need to hear that we are not alone.

  5. Growing up in New York City, I think that I have always leaned towards the cynical Les. My predisposition is towards skepticism. LOL, I have always called it being a “realist”.

    As I am ready through the scriptures, with the Bible in 90 Days group that I am leading, I am continually being confronted by people who have a different attitude than me. I cried when I read about Joseph telling his brothers that God had a better plan – not because I agreed or disagreed with Joseph’s theology but because I saw an attitude in Joseph that I admired and want to aspire to,

    And when I read about how only two spies out of twelve gave a “good report” I was confronted with the fact that I would have been counted with the ten. Thinking about Ruth, I think that I would have been the one who returned to Moab.

    I guess my point is that I am seeing that the scriptures are filled with Josephs, Joshuas, Calebs and Ruths – and I so want to have their attitude towards God and toward life. Maybe we can help each other in that through prayer?

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