It Has To Stop

You must meet Clara Hinton.

She is a wife and mother.
She is also a former preacher’s wife.

Her husband is serving hard time for child molestation.
At least 23 counts.
Over at least a 40 year time frame.

He was a preacher.
A trusted man.
A loved man.
A believable man.

At the same time, he was a purveyor of a consummate evil.
He betrayed those who entrusted him.
He used the Bride of Christ as avenue to perpetuate a horror far to great to even try and comprehend.

You simply must meet Clara Hinton. She is on the front lines… she has had an experience of evil that is all to common. She has a first hand knowledge of how those who prey on children work.

To ignore her is dangerous.

On her blog she tells the story of her experiences. Just a little bit of reading will catch you up to where she is in sharing this strange journey. Her wisdom is compelling.

As one who has had the evil of molestation invade and destroy, let me make you a most solemn promise: You want to do everything you can to avoid, evade, and stop molesters.

It is an evil that has a lasting impact.

Here are two things Clara Hinton says in her latest blog post:

Pedophiles are liars and manipulators on every level. Playing people as puppets delights them. They are masters of deception and they know how to take total control.

Pedophiles are conniving, manipulating, deceitful liars who work hard to harm our children. It’s time for us to open our eyes wide and stop this horrendous cycle of abuse!!!

Please take the time to listen to her and her son, Jimmy. He too is writing and sharing information we need.

I don’t know how much speaking and teaching I will get to do on the subject, but I plan to educate as much as possible–it is another way to honor those I have lost as a result of this pervasive horror.

And guys, if I might add one more thing or make one more suggestion, it would be this: trust the instincts of your wife. Even if you have to apologize later, you will be better off doing that than living with the results if she was right and you did not honor the threat she perceived.

Been there and doing that. In that regard, don’t be like me!

God bless and have a happy Lord’s Day tomorrow!

Les Ferguson, Jr.

7 thoughts on “It Has To Stop

  1. It’s strange having the perspective of being his son. I’ve always loved him, respected him, and looked up to him. He was a huge reason why I went into ministry. Yet there was a dark and secret side that is still difficult to fathom. We still have a relationship–strained as it is–and he has given insight that I believe will be helpful to protect children from other predators. None of this is easy to read, write, or speak about on any level, but we press on.

    • Les, Thank you so much for helping in this difficult task of educating others so that they will not fall into the same trap of evil (by innocently trusting others) as we did. This is not an easy subject to talk about and many will say, “This can’t be true” because the molester is so easy to believe! For a period of several years I honestly thought I was going crazy. I wasn’t going crazy at all. I had been targeted, used, and abused so that my husband, the sex abuser, could have his evil way with children.

      People are beginning to listen, and as people such as you and Jimmy and myself continue to talk openly and honestly, more and more people will get educated about child sex molestation and one-by-one we will stop these vile actions from taking place on innocent children.

  2. Les I bawled reading this… I was raped as a teen… but not by a pedophile…. However, since I entered school three years ago, I have met those who were abused as children; most often by a family member and it has floored me to see how common of a problem it really is… Thank you for helping us to see it AND address it…. My love to you and yours always…..

  3. I try to understand this from the son, the wife even the parent of the victims perspective and even though in a way you are victims too I struggle. When I read how hard it is for you, I can only think it didn’t happen to you. Your lives were hurt but was everything you were taught and believed in ripped from you. Is the way you view the world and cope with what is going on in your life damaged and warped by actually living it? Do you wake up at night with a wet bed because your nightmares are so bad even as an adult you wet the bed? This even after 10 years of intensive counseling. Is your distrust in people and the church so bad you can’t even take your child to church for fear of it happening to him? Does every time you walk into the church bring about a feeling of fear and dread so intense you just want to vomit? Every time a church has vacation bible school and your children get invited, do you freak out in your head becfore you can get your thoughts together? Do you call and ask them if they do background checks on the workers? When you ask, do they act like your the one who is crazy and tell you to trust in God?

    Do you get uncomfortable and tell an abused person to forgive and move on who are stuck in a perpetual PTSD world created by their abuse and rape as a child? Are are their friends and help them to feel as normal as possible in a world not meant for them?

    Can you teach them how to trust in God again and answer their questions without frustration? Do you seek out the addicts and prostitutes and the broken homes to bring into your church because these people are the broken victims of the predators. Can you teach them to find that joy and help them restore their hope and faith? Can you tell them how to do it without just saying trust in God? Do you help people for free or do you take your situation and exploit it to get the kudos and money without really touching the truth and nastiness of the world the predators have left behind?

    • Christine, I am not sure what you are asking of me. You said, “in a way you are a victim”. No the abuse my son endured didn’t happen to me, but losing my family to a murderer? That did happen. Knowing I didn’t protect him? That happened. Our lives were hurt. Two people were murdered. Our family was torn asunder. No, I am not trying to profit from this. And no, I don’t tell people to forgive and move on. My whole purpose in writing is to help people.Thanks for writing.

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