I’m Bringing Sexy Back (Bet You Read This!)

Go ahead and admit it. Even if you are a first class prude (nothing wrong with that), you want to know why I would write a blog post with a title such as this.

We all know sex sells and grabs attention, but even with that, you are dying to know what the crazy ex-preacher-not-sure-if-he-is-still-a-preacher is going to say next.

I don’t often get to be smug about anything, but I’ll take smug on this one.

Just make it easier on everybody, admit it… you want to know…

But first, let me triple dog dare you (as I pull out the big guns on this one) to read and share this post…

A couple hundred shares, a few thousand views and we would go a long way to stopping the power and devastation from those who prey on our children.

Today, I am bringing sexy back!

Guess what child molesters and normal folks alike have in common?

Drum roll please…


If you are like me (heaven help us, I hope you are), thinking about sex from the perspective of a child molester is about as repugnant as it gets.

That’s not the topic of anything I ever want to write about, so relax just a little bit. Not going there!

But don’t relax too much, because I still want you to think about SEX!


This is about the time where my wife, mother, and both mother-in-laws start having a collective cow. Nonetheless, I will admit to my biology. I am as sexually driven as any other healthy, red-blooded male.

Shocking, I am sure. But, like other normal people, as God intended, I like and appreciate the gift of sex.

And the reality is quite simple even if we are not accustomed to talking about it. God created sex–not just as a way to procreate, but also as a component of a healthy relationship between a husband and wife.

Sex was never intended to be just a physical act, but instead, one with great emotional implications as well.

I am thankful for God’s gift. It is a blessing.

Are you done giggling and snickering?

Because here’s where it gets very hard and difficult.

The blessing of sex can quickly and easily become a curse.
And the sad reality or the simple fact is this: sex is now more of a curse in our culture than the blessing it was intended to be.

We are all out of whack.
We could talk about promiscuity and we probably should.
We can talk about pornography and we probably should.

But long before we get to those topics we need to simply recognize we are a sex-saturated culture.

Nothing sells a car, a shirt, a pair of pants, or even a tube of toothpaste like sex.

But let’s not blame the advertisers. They are simply parroting the values of a society that revels in distorting good into the macabre and horrendous.

I am no prude.
But I am thankful I don’t have daughters.

Our culture has objectified women. We have made them into objects of intense sexuality. We often can’t see their real value as people of worth because all we can see is what they are wearing (or not) and how that rocks our little world.

In this culture of hyper sexuality and unrestrained passions, is it any wonder that kids get a warped sense of what is right and good and decent?

I don’t profess any real scientific knowledge or data about why perverts become perverts. I have no idea how Paul Buckman personally became the fiend who ripped our world asunder. I feel quite certain there is some cycle of abuse and pain and little self-worth that contributes greatly to the making of a child molester.

But long before those things become issues, it is time for parents, for the home, and for our society and culture at large to start modeling a healthy sexuality.

Men, don’t teach your boys by attitude and action that women are objects.
Ladies, don’t teach your daughters that sexuality is a weapon or tool in their arsenal.

Demand respect. Accept nothing less.

Every action you take to promote sexuality in its proper guise may just help somebody not get a warped sense. And when they have a right concept of sex, maybe we’ll find less perversion instead!

I am bringing sexy back. The right way. The best way. The way God intended.
How about you?

Les Ferguson, Jr.

9 thoughts on “I’m Bringing Sexy Back (Bet You Read This!)

  1. As a young father of a young daughter you have effectively stated my fears for her growing up in the American culture the way it is heading more and more towards a skewed understanding of sex. I commend you for hitting this head on and while I don’t post all that often, I continue to learn from and be challenged by your thoughts. Thank you for being you and for loving us enough to share.

  2. Right on, Les! I’ll be writing some future blogs on the sexual revolution and Alfred Kinsey that will blow the mind. We did not arrive to where we are at by accident. Our culture has been deeply manipulated, lied to, and shaped by this sick pervert. Your points are spot on.

  3. Well said, Les!!! A few years ago, our youth pastor did a sermon series on Song of Solomon. I never realized how sexual that book of the Bible is until he preached. There were many times when I was very uncomfortable….I mean, some of the passages are just plain erotic!! And when sex is as God intended, it’s supposed to be as described in Song of Solomon. BTW, it was only for our high schoolers. On another note, I still think you should right a blog titled ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’.

  4. AMEN my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!! I am tired of seeing every ad geared sexually… good gravy, it’s almost comical at what they use sex to sell…. I’m tired of seeing young, teen girls looking like 20somethings b/c they are dressed in tight, cleavage revealing clothing…. Modesty? If a girl dresses modestly she is made fun of… and boys… well few of them I’ve met nowadays show interest in girls who ARE modest….. You hit the nail on the head…. What God set out to be something of wonder for a married couple is now perverted…. encouraging kids to explore other sexual possibilities makes me cringe…. I taught my children what sex is in the context of marriage and what God wants it to be…. my prayer is that they take it to heart… I talk very openly with my teen daughter about this a good bit and thank the Lord she is very modest and takes her vow of purity (so far) seriously …. Les, seriously this was so spot on and needed! There will always be deviants and perverts b/c Satan will use what he can to destroy but I really think if there were more healthy sexual ideals this would not be a tool he would want to use so much.

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