Hampered By Fear

I wonder sometimes if I am the only person with my unique worries and fears.

Most likely since I am the only me, I am unique in that respect.

But I doubt very seriously that I am alone in having the worries and fears I do.

Nor doubts either.

Can’t forget questions as well.

But sometimes, I find myself plagued by fears–the kind that keep me from doing what I know I should and could do.

I am writing like crazy. Almost two chapters for my proposed book have been completed this week. I have talked on the phone this week as well with two different people about what I need to do in order to get published.

And that makes a total of four who have now given me some direction. Two have actually given me a format to use in writing a proposal.

As crazy as it seems, I am terrified about writing a proposal. To my credit, one set of directions wants me to write things I have no concept of–no understanding. And, I am wigging out about even asking what those things mean. I am trying to write a book, so why would I want to highlight my ignorance in bright green and red neon?

But one proposal instruction are simply a one page affair with a few sample chapters attached. Still I procrastinate–I am even afraid of writing a bio my own brother wants for a speaking engagement where he preaches.


Appearing stupid.

Not wanting to toot my own horn.

Those are all very real things for me (and some of you too–I’ll admit it even if you don’t want to).

Why is this so hard? It should be simple. It should be something a climber can climb with no problems. And I am a climber. My life is all about climbing out of the abyss and building a new life.

Attacking mountains is the name of the game.

I am not afraid of hard work. I am not afraid of looking at my deepest emotions and finding them wrapped in the harshest of realities.


I. Am. Terrified.

My friend Cecil May III helped me figure it out today. He called to check in on me–to see how things are going. In the course of our conversation, I told him about the fear of writing these proposals.

And in his inestimable fashion, he nailed the issue squarely. Sending a proposal means putting my work in the hands of somebody who is just as likely to reject it as accept it.

That scares me to death. Who wants rejection? That has frozen me into a certain inactivity or avoidance.

So, I have given myself a self-imposed deadline. I will write a bio and a one page proposal before Monday morning. Or sooner.

I owe it to my family that was lost.

I owe it to my family that survives.

I owe it to all who suffer, question, struggle, wrestle, doubt and fear.

And you can take that to the bank!

So back to work all of you who are reading this and avoiding something you need to do. Life is about challenges and we can face them together…

What are you afraid of? What are you avoiding? If it is fixing a broken relationship, please don’t wait another day.

Les Ferguson, Jr.

14 thoughts on “Hampered By Fear

  1. Dearest Les – I have not commented in quite some time and am today about 600 miles from our home (out in Texas, where I’m from) on our 13th day “on the road” to help sort out some family problems. They have multiplied as we have been out here to the point that Tom & I too feel paralyzed somewhat with fear about what exactly to “DO” next.

    After much consultation with our much loved family members who remain somewhat intact (I mean that relatively, as ALL of us live and suffer in a broken world as God’s devoted children) today, we have decided to head on home in the morning to rest and recuperate for a few days before the salvos begin ahead. God bless. Do the best you can!!

  2. You took the words out of my mouth. I did my first training workshop on child sex abuse the day before my dad’s sentencing. I keep trying to write my book as well, but self-doubt keeps hindering that process. God bless you as you press on.

  3. Les, I think we all struggle with that fear of doing something wrong…not getting it right, and ultimately the fear of rejection. One of my sons uses a phrase quiet often — “Just do it!” — and that’s what I’m passing on to you. Just do it…..if God wants this book to be completed and published, it’s going to happen…..but you have to get it out there. I can’t wait to read the words you’ve written straight from your heart!

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