Destin, FLorida is beautiful. We have enjoyed our stay, but the trip home is fast approaching.

Vacations can be fun, should be fun, but I often find it hard to really relax. I am normally a fairly driven person (ok, so maybe intense is more accurate). And it seems like there is always something that I could be doing to get a leg up on the competition–to make a sale, get a listing, new marketing, etc. it is hard for me to let it all go for even short periods of time.

To say I have huge security issues is quite the understatement. I am not all gloom and doom, but I am afraid far too much of the time.

Whether it be fear, worry, grief, or pain, life can often be like the waves pounding the seashore.

And sometimes the waves come in so fast you can hardly catch your breath.

I try hard to believe God has good things in store for me. I try hard to trust life will not always be difficult. I try hard to hold on to the hope that one day pain will not be quite so intense.

In so very many ways, I can see what I just wrote as being my reality.
I have a loving and compassionate wife. We have children that are amazingly good kids. And thus far, nobody has ever gone hungry or without. Crippling pain and grief still rears its ugly head from time to time, but not nearly as much as it has in the past.

This vacation as been a little bit of a chance to catch our collective breaths. To get ready for the waves to come again…

I don’t know what God is always up to. I try to trust Him even though it is very hard for me to do at times.

Long ago I learned a saying that may be familiar to you…

God is good all the time.
All the time God is good.

I want to believe that.
Do you?

6 thoughts on “Relentless

  1. I want to believe it. And I do.

    But it can be tough because what God defines as good in the long term and the broad view ain’t always the same as what I see as good right here and now — and for ME.

  2. Can’t say I’ve heard the quote “God is good all the time. All the time God is good.” But, I have heard “God is good” in response to a person’s favorable outcome to prayer. Personally, I cringe whenever I hear that phrase as I often wonder if the same people who said that could bring themselves to voice the same phrase if s/he had received an unfavorable outcome to their prayer(s). Throughout life I’ve been an avid observer as well as a participant. I’ve observed SO much heartache and unfairness that I’ve become quite numb to it all–not uncaring nor unfeeling, just simply numb. It’s during these nightmarish, heartbreaking, and unfair times that the reality re God came to establish His Kingdom and not ours becomes so very apparent to me. I think I have the opposite problem that you have, Les. I admire you greatly for a lot of reasons. I’ve always admired your intensity, passion, drive, and zeal. I think it’s because of these very admirable traits that you feel your pain so deeply to the core. Not advocating that you alter your God-given intense personality/makeup, just wanted you to know that I continue to pray for you and your family mightily. 🙂 Please pray in return for my ‘numbness.’

  3. I have a preacher-friend who will spout that platitude religiously … until things go south in his life, then “God is good …” becomes, “Why is this happening?” Can’t have it both ways.

    Re: Vacation. When I resigned after 30 years of preaching (a good resignation … still very welcome by the church … prayed over my replacement his first Sunday), the church gave us a week-long Alaskan cruise. I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and would go again, but after about the fifth day, I kept thinking of all I should be doing back at work! I can only handle so much time off and I get fidgety.

    Really glad your speaking ministry is taking off!!

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