Huge Sucking Chest Wound

It’s really strange the things that catch me off guard and start the waterworks.

This past Saturday I was trying to find something in one of my dresser drawers that is a catch all. There is a lot of stuff in the drawer.

  • Hunting knife
  • Hunting gloves
  • Toboggan hat
  • Checkbook refills
  • Navy Medals/ Ribbons

You name it, I find it, and invariably, if it is somehow important to me, it gets stuck in that particular drawer… or it’s twin brother.

Yes, I have two of them.

At any rate, while searching for something I needed, I accidentally dropped/ dumped the entire drawer on the brick floor.

Casey rushed in to help me, and as he began to pick up stuff, he found a couple of pictures of Cole he had never seen before.

I don’t know for sure what set me off.

Maybe it was the strange look on Casey’s face and the questions I heard forming in his head…

Or, maybe it was the fact those specific pictures are stuck away because it just about kills me every time I see them…

Poor Casey. He’s standing there holding here before unseen pictures in his hand, and me? I am having a complete meltdown on the hard brick bedroom floor.

I am so grateful for good days and positive directions. I am thankful for old and new friends alike–for your encouragement, understanding (even when you haven’t a clue), and support.

But at the risk of using unpreacher-like language, sometimes there is nothing good that can be said… sometimes, life just sucks.

Years ago in the Navy, I went through rudimentary first aid. I remember learning about different ways to seal up or contain a sucking chest wound. Maybe they have fancier language for that these days, but I know what that means. I suspect you do too. If not, then google it here.

Turns out I am all too familiar with a huge sucking chest wound. Mine comes from having my heart periodically ripped out of my body. Grief does that. and sometimes when you least suspect it.

Days like Saturday are hard.

And they suck.

Big time.

Thanks for reading. God bless!

In the meantime, if you want to listen to my sermon at Meadowbrook from a couple of Sunday’s ago, you can do so here: Meadowbrook sermon–the trickster.

Les Ferguson, Jr.

10 thoughts on “Huge Sucking Chest Wound

  1. Those days do SUCK and yes they just come out of nowhere for no particular reason. It would be so nice if we knew when they were coming so we could ” prepare ” ourselves….if we can do such a thing. Sadly i understand some of your pain and grief. All i can say is that i agree it does suck……we did get to see Conner this weekend. It was so good to see him and Tyler together again and hear him talk about how much he enjoys his job…..we sure miss all of you!

  2. “A huge sucking chest wound” is a good description. For me it is more like wearing a vest made out of concrete blocks pressing on my front and back. My daughter calls it “the elephants are stomping on my chest again”. Pictures never seen before will do it every time but lately for me it has been seeing easy-going, dark and handsome 30 something year old young men in summer shirts and sunglasses. I want to hug them and hold them to me – or hit them for daring to be so alive.

  3. Life has a way of reminding us that we live in an incredibly fallen world. That Satan isn’t some clown in a red suit seeking to cause mischief but that he is evil, the likes of which we can’t begin to fathom, and he seeks to visit that evil on all men. Life has a way of completely dis-assembling the religions of our world (those cotton candy, everythings great, smile and sing Kum ba ya religions). Life has a way of reminding us that it’s not religion that we seek, it’s faith. Faith in a God who has promised to get us through this evil, fallen mess of a world and deliver us to LIFE!

  4. It’s always worse when it takes you by surprise. There are times when I intentionally bring that pain on by thinking of specific events or memories but when they sneak up on you it can be so much worse! It does indeed “suck” and sucking chest wound fits perfectly!

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