The Bad Day Cycle

Good days.
Bad days.

Bad days.
Good days.

The bad days are inevitable. They will come. For one reason or another, logical or illogical, people happen. Circumstances happen. Life happens.

Sometimes it is just uncomfortable.
Sometimes it just, well, blows. Sucks even. And all you can do is just try to hang on.

Knowing that doesn’t always make it any easier. There certainly is little comfort to be drawn from the knowledge that bad days happen.

To everybody.
Rich or poor.
Wealthy or wise.
Feel free to plug in any descriptive words of your own choosing…

Yes, bad days are inevitable.

But, at this stage of my life, as we move forward–sometimes gracefully, sometimes clumsily, I am grateful to say good days are inevitable as well.

If you are stuck in what seems like, feels like an ever spiraling out of control endless number of bad days, don’t expect me to try and act like you are imagining it.

Once in the US Navy, a medical guy did an unmentionable procedure to my body… And just beforehand, he told me it didn’t really hurt. But if it did, it was because I imagined it. I asked him if I could punch him in the face–and if it hurt, it was just because he was imagining it.

He didn’t like that deal. And for some reason, he seemed to have a better attitude acknowledging my pain…

If you are hurting over a never ending supply of bad days, I get it. And feel your pain. No sugar-coating it from me.

Bad days hurt.
Bad days can sap all your energy and ruin your outlook on life.

But if you hang on long enough, good days are inevitable too.


Today has been a bad day.

For lots of reasons.
Some are the ripple effects of our tragedy.
Some are simply from living.
And some are the results of my own internal struggles.

Thankfully, I refuse to succumb to the bad days.
I may hurt.
I may agonize.
I may be frustrated out of my ever loving mind… (Today I have been!)

But I choose today to get through the day. To start over again in the morning.

As long we live, we can choose that option.

I, for one, am glad…

Good days are coming again. Count on it!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Les Ferguson, Jr.

3 thoughts on “The Bad Day Cycle

  1. Sam has it in a nutshell!

    But I do so admire your positivity and courage.
    Keep giving us the good messages. Thank you.

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