Easter Morning & Blended Families

As I write this, we are traveling up the Natchez Trace to spend the day and go to Easter services with my parents in Kosciusko, lunch to follow.

Becki made a broccoli salad to die for. Seriously. She also made a cake to take from a recipe found on Pinterest. I am not a big cake fan. I like carrot, red velvet and an occasional chocolate. But this cake, (excuse the bad pun) takes the cake… Strawberry Lemonade. If she ever invites you to eat with us and serves this cake, trust me, you will lose a hand or worse if you try to take mine.

It’s that good.

The Easter Bunny made an appearance sometime in the night. We woke up extremely early to trails of Hershey Chocolate Kisses running from the bedrooms to the hearth where the real goodies were laid. And of course there were hidden eggs to find as well as two appearances of the legendary Golden Egg complete with money inside.

That wascally wabbit always makes me shell out the dollars inside the eggs. He’s smart that way.

But, since he brought me a big bag of pistachios, I am going to cut him some major slack.

This is our first Easter as a blended family. Hence the need for two Golden Eggs. Already the day has been, challenging? I guess that’s a nice way to say it. Money is not always the root of all evil or least the cause of strife and dissension. Sometimes it wears a child’s name.

I say that half in jest and completely determined to make this a great day with a smile permanently affixed to my face…

Conner’s pants are too long (they aren’t).
Michael didn’t see any need to wear dress clothes (khaki shorts and shirt still look nice).
Max’s dress shoes didn’t fit and he is now wearing polo pants, polo button down, and black & red Nike (I could care less if he tucks his shirt in).
And Casey? Sweet innocent little Casey (who is dreaming now?), he didn’t want to wear anything remotely nice and his dress shoes didn’t fit (his cowboy boots look good anyway, thank you very much).

They all look like the handsome young men they are–a credit to those who love them.

Did I mention this is our first Easter as a blended family?

Oh, and by the way, Becki looks radiantly beautiful today. I am happy and blessed to have her by my side as we face the challenges of family, business, and the future.
I do have continued questions, fears, frustrations, and issues of trust–all centered on and around the work of God. So many whys and how comes still reverberate through my life.

But today?
Today is Easter.
Spring time in the south.
The redbuds are flowering.
The dogwoods are in bloom.
It is a time of renewal and thankfulness.

It is a day to spend less on wrestling and more on marveling.

Today? The questions take a back seat.

Today? I am thankful for Easter and blended families. For hope and peace. For love. For the beauty of new beginnings.

Happy Easter.

Les Ferguson, Jr.

14 thoughts on “Easter Morning & Blended Families

  1. I can just see it all. Esp/those beautiful kids,in all their uniquiness.:) oh & yes that cake. We had choc/torte. Thank-ful for “joy”that our Risen Lord is responsible for!

  2. Sounds like a very blessed day in the Ferguson home. I love the idea of a trail of Hershey Kisses to a central point……cute idea.

  3. Happy Easter Les and Becki!

    This is our first blended family Easter as well. Even though we didn’t live in the same house before we still celebrated together but it is our first official….

    It is a special day…. it always fills me with hope.

    Love you guys…
    PS: How can you say our precious Conner would fuss? LOL πŸ™‚

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