I Don’t Want Anything To Do With Your Plan!


Are you serious?
Is that how you want to reconcile your questions and faith?

Ok. So maybe you’re scratching your head wondering if good old Les has finally lost his mind. Probably, but that’s not really up for discussion. At least not in this post.

Try this premise on for size: I am seriously confident in believing there are very few who don’t have a God created in their own image.

Yesterday’s post was just two examples of how we create God in our image. We have expectations of God. We expect Him to perform as we think He should. We expect Him to provide answers that completely satisfy our questions.

Good luck with that. At the same time, I am confident you also have had an occasion or two in which your expectations have not been met.

So here’s my rant, difficulty, and frustration–not with God, He gets a break today…

When God did not fit in your god box, when God did not do what you think He should have, and when God did not and doesn’t yet answer your questions, please, please quit ascribing your lack of understanding to some mysterious plan!

I could scream every time somebody suggests that all the bad stuff that has happened is a part of God’s plan. Think about what you are saying!

When the horrific occurs and people are scrambling to get a handle on it–to understand how and why such things happen… When you have a million questions for God–when you are striving to comprehend where God was… Quit giving Him and yourself a pass and ask the hard questions! Sure, you may never get a satisfactory answer, but ask the questions anyway.

When you credit the unanswerable to some vague plan of God, you are not comforting the hurting, you are trying to give yourself false comfort and hope.

News Flash! News Flash! News Flash!

Bad things happen to good people. Hearts are broken. Lives are shattered. Blood is spilled that can never be put back. And to say rape, murder, suicide, divorce, cancer, and any other horror is God’s plan? That is tantamount to blasphemy. God does not work that way.

Care to repeat that with me?
God does not work that way!

But Satan certainly does.

The thief comes only to steal and kill. (John 10:10a, NIV)

I don’t understand why God doesn’t intervene. I confess my struggle to reconcile God’s presence in my life with those times He is so conspicuously absent.

Surely, if I thought for a minute God was behind the loathsome events that shattered my family and whose ripples are still being felt and will continue throughout our lives…

I would curse Him and beg to die.

That’s not my God.
That’s not His plan.

It doesn’t mean I am letting Him off the hook with the hard questions. It doesn’t mean I don’t still want answers. To the contrary, I do so want them.

Even as I recognize answers may never come this side of eternity, I’d rather go through life wrestling, struggling, and limping with God than to live in blissful ignorance. No matter how many times you say it, I will not pretend to find some lame comfort in a non-existent plan.

If nothing else, that’s a plan I have to live with.

Aren’t you glad faith is not one size fits all?

Les, Jr.

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26 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Anything To Do With Your Plan!

  1. I am with you 100 percent on this one!” God’s plan “is about as lame as “they have a cure for cancer but the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies are making so much money they won’t let the public know.” So the torture of the disease that strikes young and old with treatments that either cures you or kill you can be eliminated? What a pathetic joke. Sorry but I had to let go and rant for a brief moment.

  2. The “thief”comes only to steal&kill. John 10:10,is pretty much the anwser to all this. That’s,why our dear Jesus left heaven&gave his life for us. He is God’s anwser.:)

  3. So does this mean that Becki has to make your dinner? 🙂

    In all seriousness, Les, thank you. I get fed up with people saying God did this to me. He may not have stopped something bad and therein lies my frustration but do we, as Chritians, forget that there is a very real enemy?

    I know there are many who claim to know the God of the New Testament Bible. But these same people say it’s ok to sleep around because divorce rate is so high… to even buy their children condoms because “hey, they are gonna do it anyway”. So many have, in fact, made a “god” that they feel means they can live how they want, pray when they need Him, never step foot in church, and carry and act on like everyone else – even persecuting true followers of Jesus. It’s here where I often struggle with “why? Why do they make their own god and ridicule people trying to live right in God’s eyes and tear them down.” *sigh* Sorry, tangent… I loved these last two posts.

  4. What a wonderful post. I, like you, have asked the hard questions. Where was God? Why didn’t He stop this evil? I generally have not blamed Him for the bad things that have happened in my life, but maybe for a few moments I did. I also don’t know why bad things happen to good people. However, I do like the phrase “God is in control.” It lets me know that no matter how hard things are, I am in God’s hands and He is going to be with me. To me, it does not mean that God is going to fix everything or make everything perfect. It means to me that whatever is going on, He is there with me. After all, He could have chosen some other method for our salvation than having His precious Son hang and die on that cruel cross for our sins. I picture God crying as he turns away from Jesus while he suffers. A loving father could not be unmoved by that sacrifice. I suppose that comforts me more than anything else I can think of. I know that God sees me when I am in pain, and while He may not do anything at that moment to alleviate my distress, I still know He’s there and He cares.

  5. Spot on! People who think all evil that happens is part of God’s plan are seriously mistaken. What a terrible thing to say to someone who has suffered a loss! Evil abounds and we need to immerse ourselves in prayer and Scripture and spread the Word of God always…and if necessary, use words:) Have a great God-filled day:)

  6. “I could scream every time somebody suggests that all the bad stuff that has happened is a part of God’s plan.

    I am screaming with you Les! And I’d also rather go through life wrestling, struggling, and limping with God than to live in blissful ignorance.

    Not that it is all that much fun. 🙂

  7. very good post. I just read the same thing from Phillip Yancy , When Bad Things Happen to Good People. written after the death of his child.
    God definitely does not have a plan of surrering. He has a plan of grace to help us go through times of suffering.

  8. As a full time funeral director and an ex-preacher in churches of Christ (30 yrs), I find almost every statement offered by people to make others feel better, or to better understand God, to be theologically ridiculous if not downright stupid. I cringe at the things I hear on a daily basis, and I cringe at the thought that I used to say some of those things. Your blog is helping us grow up in this respect. Thanks for your continued ministry to us, Les.

  9. I agree, Les. I have seen and experienced spiritual warfare. Anyone who sees the Deceiver as weak or without power is either lucky, stupid, or blinded.

    In my feeble way of thinking, God ‘allows’ bad things to happen to good people because of free will. I have the choice to do good, and I have the choice to do evil…and so does everyone else. That’s what we wanted, right? Adam and Eve chose free will over utopia. But, don’t blame Adam and Eve, because we all want free will…none of us ‘really’ want to give up free will…in fact, many/most of us are control freaks!

    Thus far, I haven’t met a single person who could/would give 100% over to God – I’m confident that it isn’t even possible. But, I do think it is possible to make progress, and this is a big part of what I consider to be my journey/struggle/walk/wrestling match. Of course, the process of giving myself completely over to God would be hard enough if I were the only one living in this world, but the fact that there are plenty of other folks out there that aren’t exactly trying to help me to achieve these goals makes it even harder. Sometimes we work so hard to make just a little bit of progress and then someone or something happens to take it away. On a good day, that progress is only taken away temporarily; on a bad day, well, maybe not so much.

    • Yes. I just cannot listen anymore to this plan. I cannot listen anymore to the idea that everything bad is God’s will. It doesn’t square with me. Free will and evil does make sense.

      Greg, I cringe at the things I used to say as well.

      Thank you as well to all the other responders to this post.

      I will probably be doing a third post that fits with the last two.

      I appreciate you all.


    • Hey Kala! It is so good to hear from you! Please let me know the next time you come back to Vicksburg! As for your question… Somebody else might be able to answer it better, but here goes nothing… I believe it was God’s plan for Jesus to be our sacrifice. I think the Cross–the entire foolishness of it–was always God’s plan. Not sure where you are going or what you are looking for, but I don’t believe God plans in advance the brutality and horror we go through. I don’t believe my son’s rape and murder was something God ordained.

      • Nor do I!!!!!! Les, I’ve been reading all that you write, but haven’t responded until today. I don’t think it’s part of a plan, but He does allow it………He always has. He could intervene…….. He often does. All I can figure is that there must be a MUCH bigger picture, something way bigger than we can comprehend while on this earth. One day we’ll know the answers to all our whys. Until then I’ve gotta keep getting to know Him.

        Les, I appreciate you being gut honest! I will let you know next time I go to Vicksburg. Looking forward to talking with you!!!!

        • On this Good Friday I do wonder about the inevitability of the Cross of Christ. How could it be any more inevitable than the horrible things that happens to us? Perhaps the Cross is the ultimate example of Romans 8:28?

  10. Here is what I think after very much thought…….We have free will. I am not sure when my soul came into being. I think that before we are born, as a spiritual being who yearns to become as close as possible to God, we choose our trials, tribulations and joys. We are free to react to these life choices however we choose. It is that choice that brings us either closer or further away from God. There are factors such as evil, grace, etc, that influence us but in the end we make the choice. This makes sense to me, in a world that is full of nonsensical horrors. I think this also fits in with Gods plan of loving us all and wanting us all to be with Him in the end.

  11. Growing up I can remember my mother saying quite often when something bad happened that God was punishing her/us/them and it never set rt with me at all. No matter what happen she really thought and believed that she had done something wrong to cause it and to be punished. After reading this post it hurts me to know that she was weighed with that burden for years for she really believed it! She too lost children…one at the age of 6 and two as adults. I too find myself thinking with that same mindset at times….maybe that is part of what causes me to keep rolling around my personal barrel of guilt as I refer to it…..

  12. I do not believe we choose all our trials, tribulations, and joys. All the horrible things inflicted upon us are certainly not always by choice, or a result of our life choices. Bad things DO happen to good people. I wonder if I will ever understand why God does not “step in”.

    • Ramona, I wish that bad things did not happen to me and my family. I wish that my prayers were like wishes to a magical genie. Even so, I do not blame God for not stepping in. Miraculous answers to prayers are very rare. My first wife Ellen died and was not healed when I prayed for he every day for four years after she had heart and kidney failure. My beautiful wife Ann will likely never leave her motorized wheelchair. I have come to peace with these things even though I hurt deeply. I guess I simply do not find being mad at God as something that is helpful in the processing of my pain.

      Blessings, Bob

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