Excitement Times One Hundred Thousand Equals?


Surely you know the answer.

Quit teasing. I know you know…

Are you sure you want to continue this obstinate streak?

Ok. So be it.

For those math challenged among us (self-included), I’ll help you work the equation.

Excitement X 100,000 =?

In this equation, excitement is knowing somebody passed this blog on to a huge Canadian talk show host by the name of Drew Marshall. Got that?

100,000 is a hypothetical number representing the unknown amount of people who will listen via radio and online in over 150 countries to stated radio show host. If you don’t like that number and insert your own figure, the answer will still be the same.

So are you ready to do the math? You have thirty seconds to work the equation.


(Insert countdown timer here)

Whew. That was the longest thirty seconds of my life.

Anybody that didn’t come up with the answer of Les Ferguson, Jr. got it wrong.

Me!!! Me!!! I am bouncing off the walls excited!

(Did you get the mental picture I am really, really kid-on-Christmas-morning-getting the biggest-and-best-toy-ever kind of excited?)

Yep. That’s me.

On the afternoon of April 6, you can tune in online at The Drew Marshall Show and listen as Drew asks about me, the blog, you, and the journey we are on together.

Please share in my excitement and pray I have the right words to get this message of struggle, faith, and God into the ears, hearts, and minds of others who hurt, question, and doubt.

Yes, I am excited. And yes, this is a cheesy post considering other topics, but, I am hopeful this will lead to more opportunity.

Thank you for traveling with me.

More details to follow as I know them.

Les Ferguson, Jr.

24 thoughts on “Excitement Times One Hundred Thousand Equals?

  1. That is wonderful! I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding the words, because they’ll be coming from your heart. What a grand thing that someone shared your story with Drew Marshall!

  2. You tell your story and do your thing son. This is only the beginning. Great things of God always come through the crucible of suffering. It was that way with Christ our Lord, and we are no better….

  3. Les – I want to just add this calm, reflective comment to the ones before me here, okay? I mean – let’s temper ourselves a bit for the reality of what is coming and not be in danger of overdoing it. In other words . . .

    WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! YIKES!!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! . . .

    Now let me share how I’m really feeling and what MY response is right now this moment, and shall be until “the appointed time.” (Does that phrase sound familiar to anyone?) I’m praying, praying, praying that God will bless you with a calm and steady spirit (& His Spirit within you) to speak from your heart and find God’s “special graces,” as I’ve been calling them now for a number of years, having discovered them during the time before and after my dad’s last illness and death in 1996.

    BTW – who “turned you in,” so to speak?! And, be sure and let us know more of the details as you find them out, okay? Like what time of day, where online we can find the place to tune in and/or a link, perhaps, of the interview that we can listen to afterward, if we’re unable to “tune in” live. Okay?!

    I’ll sign off here with my standard closing from my blog and most email notes I send to people (& from comments I make most places) . . .



    • Thanks Dee! By the way, you owe me an email! Lol! And I will have more details soon. There will be a way to listen after the fact–I should be able to post the audio at some point.

  4. You won’t forget us when get up to the top will you? Will we still be able to buy your autograph at the discounted rate or will we have to pay full price?…Love you brother – press on…

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