If Laughter Is The Best Medicine, Please, Please Laugh With Me

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. (Romans 12:15 NIV)

Can you laugh? Even if the subject matter isn’t really what would you expect?

I have been laughing this morning till tears ran down my face.

It’s really not all that funny. But then again, under the circumstances, it is absolutely worth laughing over. Depending on the reactions I get, I might cry later, but for now I am laughing.

So let me hook you in by telling you upfront, neither myself nor my wife, individually or collectively, own or have ever owned a male/ female adult entertainment website or any other kind of establishment of that variety. There are no Magic Mikes under my roof with the exception of Casey who thinks nothing of dancing half naked up the stairs after his bath. He is seven. And skinny. And can sometimes get away with it.

I, on the other hand, am almost 51 and on a diet. No dancing here. I cannot afford to break a hip. And while I am extremely good looking (ok, this is not where you laugh), Elvis I am not!

So here we are. This is not the post I had already half written for the day. It’s not where I intended to go, but sometimes life hands you little gems you just have to grab.

I have embarked on three new adventures. I am married again and we are building a great life together. Becki is wonderful. And wonderfully supportive. That is adventure number one and deserves to be at the top of the list.

Adventure number two involves you. I have always dreamed of writing. The response thus far has been amazing, encouraging, and life affirming. I know some of what I write is raw, painful, and difficult. Kind of like life can be. But writing helps me and apparently, it helps some if you. So this adventure is a journey I am taking with a whole bunch of old and new family and friends. I am hopeful that it leads to a ministry of writing and speaking–including a book. So forgive the advertisement, but the more family and friends we add to this eclectic group of questioners and stronger faith seekers, the better.

And adventure number three is a lot of hard work, new things to learn, scary moments, and learning how to live off of a sometimes non-existent commission. But, the reality is I am doing as good as anybody could expect this new to a real estate business environment. And by the way, I work with Coldwell Banker All Stars.

Here is where it gets funny. On the right side of my blog, there is a place where we list our business endeavors. My Facebook real estate page is listed there. Also listed is Becki’s interior design and home staging business called Sugar Shack Interiors. She is working hard on getting her real estate license and together we will call ourselves The Home Team @Coldwell Banker All Stars. Unfortunately, I got a message from a friend this morning worried about what people were seeing when they clicked through to Sugar Shack Interiors. 

I had made a huge mistake and linked my wife’s business to a so-called adult entertainment site.

We laughed. I fixed it. And here we are.

I have been through a hell like most people in America could never really imagine. We have come and continue to come out on the other side, limping, damaged, but mostly whole and intact. Self promotion or not, mine is a story worth telling, worth hearing. This is a story you can learn from–without some of the personal pain, I hope. But if pain and suffering is in your life, my story is still a story of hope–you too, can came out on the other side. We may be battered and bruised. We may may still bleed from time to time. And God? It might be a wrestling match that never ends this side of eternity. But I have faith (tomorrow I may be in a different place) that God is satisfied with our wrestling. Life is worth living. And when you find laughter, laugh! Laugh out loud! Enjoy the moment– treasure it and hold onto it for the days when laughing is harder.

And in case you missed it, neither Becki or I having anything to do with the adult entertainment industry…

You might as well laugh with me!

15 thoughts on “If Laughter Is The Best Medicine, Please, Please Laugh With Me

  1. I think “Laughter is the best medicine!” I have sometimes misplaced my sense of humor through some very difficult times but I hope I never lose the joy of laughter even if the joke is on me!

    Keep on writing!

  2. I laughed and cried as I read this!!!!!! Awesome!!!!! I feel so encouraged. I, too, am looking for the laughter through our issues. Thank you sooo much my brother!!!!!

  3. I used to have a blog – years and years ago… then I retried it again – trying to share a different perspective…that of finding trust. love again after a divorce… and the devastating effect it had on my faith b/c I know God does not like divorce. I’ve written many different little smidges over time that I’ve just got locked up on a file… You are encouraging me to maybe start up my blog again… If only for the few who could relate… it most certainly would not be helpful like yours is. But writing is theraputic to me. Thank you again for what you are doing…. I may endeavor some day.

  4. Oh my! That sounds just like something I would inadvertently do! One thing I tell people who get a “strange” link or like on Facebook, is that the people who really know you, know better!
    Keep writing!

  5. OOOPS!! That’s funny! Kind of like when my husband (a deacon over the youth) had his Twitter account hacked and a naughty video was posted. Another deacon quickly called him about it, knowing that it couldn’t possibly be something Tom would have posted. It’s good to be able to laugh at ourselves. Thanks for sharing this one, as I truly laughed out loud! Blessings!

  6. Les, I am so glad you got remarried. Remarrying was the best thing I ever did. Moving away from Mississippi was the best thing I ever did too. I love it here in Utah. We have baseball, bowling, plays, and a good church that is struggling right now. Good luck with your real estate business. I did not have an easy time after my husband’s death. I love your blog and writing is the best thing you can do.

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